All about us

John Gray and Co. has been serving the community of Bangor for over 50 years.

James Gray purchased the firm in 1960 and was later joined by his nephew John Gray in 1961. Unexpectedly, two years later James passed away on Christmas day aged only 45 years.

John Gray & Co was established in Central Avenue in 1961. The original premises encompassed not only the funeral business, but a newsagents, garage, taxi business and living accommodation. In 1972, Pat Gray, the daughter of John Gray joined the business.

“John Gray and Co. has been serving the community of Bangor for over 50 years.”

The building was badly damaged by fire and rebuilding work on the site commenced in May 1987 and was completed in February 1988 when the new premises were opened by radio personality Walter Love. The premises consist of a church with seating for 75 people, four private rest rooms, and a general office, two rooms for arrangements and on site car parking.

In 1988, John Gray and Co. was acquired by James Brown and Sons of Belfast but were still run by Pat Gray until she retired. The firm is now part of Funeral Services Northern Ireland, which was first formed in the 1980’s. Funeral Services Northern Ireland now run 19 funeral homes in Northern Ireland and have recently become part of The Co-operative Group.

“Caring for people is still at the heart of what we do at John Gray and Co and we continue to provide a truly professional and caring service to the local community and surrounding areas.”